Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: How to Complete Epic Pass Week 7 Missions

Wondering how to complete the missions in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s week seven missions? Here’s everything you need to know.

Mobile game Mighty Quest packs in a lot of different challenges for players to complete. Some of the most lucrative of those are part of the Epic Pass.

Each week, new missions are posted, and they offer a lot of rewards to reap. However: the missions are often listed in the form of riddles, and not all of them are too obvious to complete.

Here’s each mission, and what you need to do to complete them. Don’t worry if you don’t complete them all before Week 7 is over; they’ll remain accessible for the duration of Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s Season 1 (which lasts until mid-September).

Still not completed some missions from previous weeks? Never fear: we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to week oneweek twoweek three, week four, week five, and our guide to week six.

Spiders. Again. Kill them with Fire. Anything with fire.

For this one, you need to kill 50 spider-type enemies with a fire weapon. It doesn’t matter what type of weapon, as long as it’s the fire element. You’ll find spiders in a number of levels, but we completed it on Act 3, Level 9. Auto-completing, or running through the level a few times will be enough to unlock this mission.

3 Star gear is fine but… is that the best you can do? Someone needs a Promotion…

You need to upgrade a 3-star piece of equipment to four star via Promotion.

Hidden among the Dojos, there is a secret place where only Blobs gather. Pay them a visit!

The Dojos refer to Act 8 levels, as their icons look like tiny dojos. The level you need is Level 5, where the only enemies you’ll find are green and red blobs. However, you need to complete this level five times to get the reward. Autowinning will do it!

An eye for an eye… Poison a Poisoning Giant Rat!

The Poisoning Giant Rat in question is Stealthy Stan, the boss of Act 6. You’ll find him on Act 6, Level 10. You need to use poison on him – the easiest way to do this is equip the “Venom Splash” skill.

Please solve this riddle: Banshees + Hammers = ?

For this one, you’ll need to kill 50 banshees with a hammer. You’ll find banshees in Act 9, Level 7. You don’t need to run through the level; a couple of autowins will be enough to unlock the challenge.

If you’re using it, it’s worth noting that the epic weapon, Royal Verdict doesn’t count as a hammer. Yes, it looks very much like one, but it’s actually an axe. Lower-level items will specifically say “hammer” in their title.

Stop those Banshees from teleporting. Thunder should help.

More banshees! Again, you’ll find them in Act 9, Level 7. For this one you will have to run through the level, though. Equip the “Thunderstrike” skill and use it to kill three banshees.

Who needs too many Helmets ? Sacrifice some and become less materialist.

Fuse some helmets to upgrade another piece of equipment. You can combine this with the quest to promote a three-star item.