More Great Games are Headed to Xbox Game Pass

You can never have too many games, right?

Since I decided to pick up Xbox Game Pass a few months ago, I have had the joy of playing lots of games that I never would have had the opportunity to before. Unless of course I bought them all. Xbox Game Pass gives players a chance to play a huge variety of games at a low monthly price. And they’re adding new games almost every month.

This time around there’s a list of six games headed to the Game Pass. For Game Pass on Console the games are: Ashes Cricket, Pandemic, Jackbox Party Pack 2, and Slay the Spire. Being added exclusively to the PC Xbox Game Pass are Space Hulk Tactics and Downwell.

Ashes Cricket, Pandemic and Downwell will be available from today, August 1st. Jackbox Party Pack 2 and Space Hulk Tactics will be available on August 8th and finally, Slay the Spire will be added on August 14th.

These games join a library of over 200 games spanning dozens of different genres all available for one low monthly price.

You can join Xbox Game Pass over on the official website.