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10 Reasons to Be Excited About GreedFall

A new mysterious island to explore, full of warring factions and unknown natives. Deep customisation and a levelling system. A compelling story with choices to be made. Seafaring and magic. Sounds like a dream RPG, right?

It sounds just too good to be true. But developer Spiders has set its sails high, and we are steadily approaching the hallowed grounds of GreedFall. Since its announcement, expectations have been high, and the further gameplay trailer (below) has gone a long way to ensure those expectations will be met.

We’ve scoured those trailers like a treasure map to bring together the 10 reasons to be excited about GreedFall. Like in the game’s story, there will be hidden treasure along the way, but the trailers have also made the fortunes of GreedFall clear for everyone to see.

Its Story Has Promise

Little has been revealed about the plot of GreedFall. It’s clear, however, that your character sets sail on a voyage to an unknown island, named Teer Fradee, in search of answers. Interestingly, the story trailer also reveals that the player’s character aims to “heal his people.” There’s a deadly plague crossing the lands, and the cure seems to be located within Teer Fradee.

This strange island holds a lot of mysteries: from monsters to warring factions. Perhaps the overarching story will be based on conquering the inhabitants who the Royal Family see as ‘their people’. But it could also suggest that the playable character does not actually fit in with the Royalty, and that they may actually be related to a group of people on the island.

It Has an Exciting Menagerie of Monsters

Both gameplay trailers have shown off a vast array of monsters. Some of these have been shown to destroy the fleet’s ships and cause complete havoc, while others seem to be naturally calm and not intent on causing destruction. Either way, they add to the grandeur of the setting.

These monsters also add another layer to GreedFall. Both trailers show combat taking place between characters and creatures, and this could well be a key part to the game. Some moments in the trailers even seem to hint at boss fights against these monsters. It could well be one of the most compelling parts to GreedFall.

The setting

Teer Fradee looks ripe for adventure. The environment varies from forest-like areas to cities and villages, and as the main plot of the game is based around discovering more of the island, it makes sense that the setting is one that you’ll want to explore. But even if exploration didn’t play a role it would be hard to resist, mainly because of how incredible the island looks.

The trailer cites that “secrets, treasure and adventure” await on the island, so it seems that there’s going to be plenty to discover. And we already know there will be merchants, so exploring may well be the best way to get rich in GreedFall. We can’t wait to do so.

Different Factions

In some ways, GreedFall looks similar to Horizon Zero Dawn, which featured a variety of different natives who had their own religious beliefs/cultures that conflicted with others. GreedFall looks to similarly have different factions on its island, all of which seem to be in battle.

Placing the main character in the middle of this will surely provide plenty of opportunity to discover more about the lore of the island and to choose a side. It’ll also hopefully add layers to the story, with a sophisticated and deep narrative. We can’t wait to find out more about the inhabitants of Teer Fradee.


The main character can be customised from the very opening of GreedFall, with the player able to choose their gender, appearance and traits. An artist paints a portrait of the protagonist as the metaphorical canvas is passed to the player. It looks to be a very in-depth system that can constantly be utilised. It appears that you can specialise in one specific area, and as you play you’ll level up in other areas to become a more well-rounded character.

Likewise, there’s a variety of equipment and outfits available. Some of these appear to be cosmetic (with an emphasis based on stealth and infiltration options), but some outfits will also enhance the player’s attributes. Furthermore, there’s a literal arsenal of weapons available too, from guns to swords and even magic. GreedFall looks to be a game that can be played in whichever way the player designs.


Combat looks to be varied and exciting within GreedFall. There’s the option to be stealthy, go in all guns blaring, or be more tactical. Obviously these approaches will be more successful if the player has levelled up in these areas.

Whether facing a monster or other character, the player can use devastating attacks of magic or a sword/gun. Interestingly, the gameplay trailer highlights the “tactical pause option” which allows players to highlight their enemies and certain attacks. This suggests you’ll be often outnumbered, and that a tactical approach is necessary to truly succeed.

Great characters

Along with your customised character, there will be a party of three accompanying you. It seems that the player will have full control on who is in the party, and these characters each have their own values and beliefs. They’ll each have their own motivations, ones that the player will want to keep in mind in case they want to attack.

Each character is described as being “colourful” and “unique”. It seems that they will also provide additional help for the protagonist too; each character will have their own set of attributes and skills, with each being helpful for progressing. It appears that GreedFall may also have a sense of politics to it; you’ll want to keep each character happy.

Pivotal Decisions

The importance of decisions in GreedFall has been strongly highlighted in its trailers. The friends and bonds built can seemingly be damaged or broken depending on the choices made by the player. The story you experience may heavily depend on the decisions you make as you play.

It’s a very intriguing system, especially when the amount of factions and group party is taken into account. Decisions will add another sense of depth to the story of GreedFall and will make sure that each faction and character has their own story and values.


In a nutshell, GreedFall looks absolutely stunning. Teer Fradee is ripe for exploration, and the fantastic visuals only add to that. It looks like a breathtaking area that is open for adventure, and the beauty of the visuals makes it that much more inviting.

The animals, characters and monsters look equally as stunning. The graphics will no doubt help with how immersive GreedFall will be, and ensure that each step taken in the game is one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


Lead an Army

The premise of the story (from what we know) is that the protagonist is invading the mysterious island to find a cure to a plague impacting all the other lands. It seems that there may be a connection between the protagonist and the people of the island, but their army has no connection to Teer Fradee.

They’re described as “invading settlers” who seek to take over the island and colonise it. Moreover, there’s already conflicting inhabitants on the island, and the invaders will surely raise the tension even more. Having a whole army in hand is an intriguing prospect, for sure.

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