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Song of Horror

Song of Horror’s Supernatural Entity Adapts to Your Actions

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Psychological horror mystery Song of Horror pits you against an evil supernatural presence, controlled by an advanced AI that adapts to your play style.

Coming in September, Song of Horror is a terrifying mystery surrounding the strange disappearance of famed writer Sebastian P. Husher.

Choose between a group of unique characters, all with individual knowledge and perks to help you solve the mystery; but if one character dies, a new one must pick up the clues where they left off.

The supernatural entity known only as the Presence is stalking you at every turn, learning and adapting with each choice that you make. Developer Protocol Games promises a unique playthrough for every player, with tension building naturally as opposed to using scripted sequences. The world is permanently affected by your choices, even upon death; each new character you play will be facing the consequences of your previous efforts.

Song of Horror is coming to PC via Steam in September this year. You can watch the chilling trailer below.


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