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Stranger Things is Headed to Dead by Daylight

Well, that’s strange.

Behaviour Interactive recently released a new trailer for the next chapter of its popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight.

As part of Dead by Daylight‘s road map, players were expecting some kind of announcement, but this one is especially exciting.

Characters from Stranger Things are headed to the game.

There isn’t a lot of information regarding this new chapter released quite yet, but here’s what we know. The infamous demogorgon will be the newest killer. Based on the trailer there’s a chance that this demogorgon will walk on four legs as well as two. For the first time ever, this new chapter will include two new survivors – Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler.

From the description on the new YouTube trailer, the add-on will also include a brand new map called “The Underground Complex” which fans of the Netflix exclusive will recognise as the lab that holds one of the show’s interdimensional rifts.

We can’t wait to hear more details about this upcoming addition to the game. In the meantime start saving up those blood points. Especially since there’s three characters you’ll want to level up this time around.

Check out the trailer below.

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