Tetsumo Party Offers Big Fun For its Small Price

Tetsumo Party 1 (1)

You get what you pay for, so for its asking price of around £4/$5, you shouldn’t expect too much from Tetsumo Party.

That doesn’t mean it’s not fun while it lasts though.

Tetsumo Party is a game all about making shapes. It’s meant to be busted out when you have some people around so you can have a laugh at each other’s expense. And for that purpose it does its job admirably.


Its competitive mode demands up to four players to each choose a character, then they must compete by recreating the shapes cut into the walls that are moving towards them. Characters’ arms and legs can be cycled though various positions using the left and right triggers and shoulder buttons, allowing for a wide range of possible poses. Fail to create the correct pose in time and you’ll get whacked by the wall. Get whacked enough times and you’re out of the game, with the last player standing being the victor.

Tetsumo Party 3 (1)

Simplicity is key to Tetsumo Party, meaning anyone can pick up a controller and give it a go. The only feature that makes its local competitive mode a little more complicated is a gauge that fills up when making the correct poses. When it’s full, your competitors may find themselves at a disadvantage for a short while, with the control of some of their limbs switched around to give them a tough time.

You don’t have to have friends around to enjoy Tetsumo Party though, as it also features a single player mode. When playing the game by yourself, it’s essentially like an endless runner, only you don’t move anywhere. Your goal is to survive as many walls as you possibly can, and as soon as one catches you out it’s game over.

Playing in single player has its own nuances though, such as a waiter that often appears to offer you items such as sushi rolls and water. Whether you position yourself to reach out for them is up to you. Collect enough sushi rolls over your many playthroughs and you’ll be able to unlock some new characters to play as, while other items you collect generally provide instant effects that help or hinder your progress.

Tetsumo Party 2 (1)

It’s pretty basic, and probably isn’t going to hold your attention for very long at any one time, but Tetsumo Party is entertaining enough for its budget price. It’s the type of game that’s worth picking up if you frequently have friends around for drinks and some laughter. And it’s also harmless enough to play with kids if you have them – they might just see a bit of Sumo arsecrack. It’s just shame that its unlockable characters demand you to put in considerable time into its single player mode, as otherwise there aren’t too many to choose from.

So, if you’re after a unique and inexpensive party game to add to your collection on either PS4, Xbox One, Switch or PC, take Tetsumo Party into consideration. It’s not big, nor is it particularly clever, but it is a lot of fun.