1Time to go sleuthing

In one sense, the detective genre is a natural choice for games.

It’s one of those things that surely many of us would love to experience, but don’t want to have to deal with the reality of it; the stress, the long hours, the often boring work and, of course, the horror of seeing firsthand just what humans are prepared to do to each other.

Detective work, by its very nature, requires skills that run contrary to the straightforward solutions found in most video games. In the best detective games, solving a problem or progressing the plot is usually more complicated than shooting someone in the face or completing a fetch quest – and it’s perhaps this which often prevents these games from truly gatecrashing the mainstream.

In considering the best detective games on PS4 then, we end up with an interesting collection of titles. Some are pure detective sims and some mix more cerebral activities with traditional videogame staples of shooting and beating up enemies.

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