3Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments

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From one infamous literary detective to another, Crimes and Punishments is the most accomplished title in Frogwares’ long-running series of Sherlock Holmes games. In terms of gameplay, the approach is similar to The ABC Murders but the tone is rather different. In keeping with Agatha Christie’s writing, there’s an often gentle nature to the Poirot game whereas Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments has a more realistic visual style and this really brings home the brutality of some of the crimes you investigate.

As well as deducing, observing and interrogating, you’ll also be playing dress-up, with the game often requiring you to virtually go through Mr Holmes’ wardrobe and find outfits that suit particular circumstances. Many of the cases are based on the original tales written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and your investigations are varied and exciting, covering everything from a former whaler who’s been impaled by a harpoon, to a train that’s mysteriously vanished. This is one of the most beautifully designed detective games with a truly compelling protagonist, and there’s a real satisfaction when you figure out the key to the mystery.

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