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Toss Burritos and Beat Your Opponents on the Track in Must Dash Amigos

There’s nothing more fun than tossing burritos at your friends.

Except maybe eating burritos. Eating burritos is definitely more fun. Mmm. Hang on, I’ll be right back; I’m going to go get a burrito.

Alright, what were we talking about? Oh right: throwing burritos.

You’ll be doing a little bit more than just that when you pick up Must Dash Amigos. From developer miniBeast Game Studio, Must Dash Amigos is a fast-paced Mexican-themed multiplayer racing game. Upon loading it up, you won’t have any tutorials letting you know how to play or what you’re getting into, you’ll be figuring out everything on your own. There is a quick glimpse at the control scheme on the loading screen, and that’s pretty much all you need to familarise yourself with how to play. There are only three buttons used, after all.

There’s no online multiplayer; Must Dash Amigos is local co-op only. That makes your options for playing if you’re home alone pretty limited, but there are time trials and challenges which can be played in single player. In the time trials, you’ll be racing through the game’s tracks – which vary from the desert to the jungle to a vibrant city – but with no AI characters to battle against, these races were pretty lacklustre. The challenges are a bit more fun, adding difficult rule sets to the game. One where you have to try and not fall off the track was particularly hard, but even these grow stale after a few tries. It is a party game after all.

Naturally, Must Dash Amigos shines a little brighter when you play it with friends. In multiplayer you’ve got three options: race, battle and tourney. There’s a few different games on offer, and my favourite is the one that allows you to turn your friends into avocados. My friends and I also found racing to be quite fun; shoving people off the track became my signature move. These games are fast-paced and don’t last more than a few minutes at a time so it’s easy to pick up and play in short bursts.

What Must Dash Amigos has is fun while it lasts, but play more than a few games in one sitting and you’ll soon get bored. The selection is pretty limited, so it grows old pretty quickly. Still, it’s bright, bold and colourful, what with its burritos and pinatas, and if you have friends over it’s certainly worth a few games. Just don’t expect to get too much mileage out of it, especially if you’re playing by yourself.

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