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Whipseey and The Lost Atlas is a Flashback to Classic Platformers

A round, pink character starring in their own platforming game? Must be Kirby, right?

Nope. This one is Whipseey, the star of Daniel A. Ramirez’s retro-inspired platform game, Whipseey and the Lost Atlas. Published by Blowfish Studios, Whipseey evokes classic platforming adventures from the 90s, infusing 2D side-scrolling, combat and cuteness to make an adventure that’ll hopefully have you hooked.

So-called Whipseey because of the protagonist’s handy whip, you can use it to unleash attacks on enemies or swing yourself across dangerous gorges. And like any good platform game, you’ll find yourself in a wealth of different environments, facing off against a range of hazards.

Whether you’re jumping across leafy green platforms in sunny climes or avoiding blowfish in an underwater cave, Whipseey and the Lost Atlas isn’t easy. Don’t let its cuteness fool you: you’re in for quite a ride. Even from the very first level, enemies are out to get you, tricky jumps want to catch you out and, worst of all, spikes lurk around every corner.

Ah, spikes. They’re no stranger to platforming games, but in Whipseey their implementation may be a little overkill. You see, you have a health system in Whipseey and the Lost Atlas. With five segments in your health bar, an altercation with an enemy will take that down by one. But find yourself running into a spike trap and your entire health bar is depleted, taking a full life away and putting you back to the start of the section of the level you’re on. Lose all your lives and it’s game over; right back to the start of the level with you.

If you’re a fan of the old-school games that Whipseey wants to ape, you may revel in its difficulty – after all, reaching the end of a level becomes a true cause for celebration. But for average players, the difficulty often feels unfair, taking some of the enjoyment out of the game. Why spikes don’t deal the same amount of damage as everything else is baffling.

If you’re up for the challenge though, Whipseey and the Lost Atlas has plenty of redeeming features. It’s super cute for one, and its twinkling soundtrack can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Costing just £5, it packs in enough charm for those longing to be reminded of the golden days of the SNES and Mega Drive. Whipseey might not exactly be your first choice of round, pink platforming hero, but for such a low asking price, it’s worth a try.

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