World Wonder Ring Stardom DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling World is Out Now

Fire Pro Wrestling World Wonder Ring Stardom

Ten new wrestlers have come to Fire Pro Wrestling World in the new World Wonder Ring Stardom DLC, which showcases the best of Japan’s top women’s professional wrestling promotion.

Each new wrestler comes with their own signature moves, unique costumes, entrance themes and voices. This adds a lot to the overall Fire Pro Wrestling World experience, which has a strong focus on the ability to customise each aspect of the fights you want to play.

The complete lineup of wrestlers available in the DLC are as follows:

  • Mayu Iwatani
  • Arisa Hoshiki
  • Starlight Kid
  • Kagetsu
  • Hazuki
  • Andras Miyagi
  • Momo Watanabe
  • Utami Hayashishita
  • Hana Kimura
  • Jungle Kyona

Fire Pro Wrestling World and the World Wonder Ring Stardom DLC are available on PC via Steam and on PlayStation 4, so if you’re new to the game, now is a great time to jump in and get all these great female wrestlers to play with along with the original roster.

Check out the World Wonder Ring Stardom DLC trailer below.