You Can Play Snake on Your Phone in Blair Witch

Blair Witch 2 (1)
Blair Witch

Blair Witch is a terrifying game, but if you want to take a time out and de-stress a little it has just the solution: a clone of the classic Snake mobile phone game.

Set in 1996, Blair Witch‘s protagonist Ellis carries his Nokia-like mobile phone with him everywhere. Sometimes he’ll receive calls, though whether you answer them or not is up to you.

The phone can also be used to read text messages, too, and make outgoing calls if you really want to strike up a conversation. Basically, it has all the functions you’d expect of a phone in a video game. Blair Witch takes things one step further, though, allowing you to not only mess with the phone’s settings such as its theme and ringtone, but also play a couple of simple games.

No matter where you are in Blair Witch‘s world, you can whip your phone out and enjoy rip-offs of either Snake or Space Invaders. There’s not much point to it, but it’s a nice touch.

I’ve found myself doing it once or twice while playing, and I don’t know why, but it feels really strange. It feels a bit wrong. Unsafe. Bloober Team has done a really good job of bringing the world of Blair Witch to life in video game form. You really get the sense that you’re standing all alone in the middle of a forest fraught with danger, playing a pointless game. It makes you vulnerable, and also like the woods are judging you for it. Who knows, maybe they are.

So, if you find yourself venturing into the Black Hills Forest via Blair Witch in the near future, bear in mind that your phone can offer a little light relief. Although like me, you might feel a little strange engaging in such a guilty pleasure when danger lurks around you.