Can You Level Up Your Companion Characters in GreedFall?


In GreedFall, you’ll be accompanied on your journey by a number of companions. But can you level them up? Here’s everything you need to know.

GreedFall, from Spiders (they’re not real spiders) is an action role-playing game which, despite being set in an alternate fantasy world, mirrors the conquest of America by various nations. We gave it an 8/10, calling it an “impressive debut for what could well become a classic series.”

The game gives you five companions who, apart from being optional love interests, are pretty useful – even though you can’t command them directly in combat.


But can you level them up in the same way you can improve your own stats and skills? Sure, it’s great that Petrus can hurl magic, but it’d be even better if you could level him up into a magical tank who can incinerate all enemies who cross your path.

Unfortunately that’s not an option; you can’t level up or alter the abilities of any of your characters in GreedFall. You can change their weapons and clothes, however. Go to your inventory screen then hit left or right on the controller to make sure they’re carrying the most powerful equipment. But you can’t level the characters up as you can in Dragon Age, so they’re always going to stay at the same ability and power level.

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