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Celeste’s Free Expansion, Farewell, is Available Now


Critically acclaimed indie platformer Celeste has come out with a huge free update, including over 100 extra levels, new items and mechanics, plus 40 minutes of new music by composer Lena Raine.

The new expansion, appropriately entitled Farewell, will be the first and final update for Celeste; acting as a sort of send-off for the game, its characters and its players.

Celeste is a platformer by independent studio Matt Makes Games (now named Extremely OK Games), in which you play a young woman named Madeline who is trying to climb to the top of Mount Celeste, the titular mountain, while also battling her inner demons. It won a multitude of awards including Best Independent Game at the Game Awards 2018.

So if you haven’t got around to playing Celeste yet, this might be a great time to pick it up. The new Farewell expansion features tonnes of new levels and mechanics, as well as 40 minutes of new music by Lena Raine. The original Celeste¬†soundtrack was ASCAP Video Game Score of the Year, and the Farewell edition offers a full album’s-worth of material which you can check out here.

Celeste is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC – and to celebrate the launch of the Farewell DLC you can get the game for 50% off on Steam.

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