Check When Borderlands 3 is Launching Where You Are

borderlands 3

It’s just over a week until the release of Borderlands 3!

If you want to get shooting and looting as soon as possible, you’ll need to take a look at these global launch times for PC and consoles.

No matter what platform you’ll be playing Borderlands 3 on, the game will be able to pre-download 48 hours before it goes live in your region.


On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this will be at midnight local time on September 13th, but not if you’re in western North America.

If you are in North America, Borderlands 3 will be launching at midnight Eastern Time across the entire region, so that will mean 9:00pm on September 12th if you’re on the west coast. Check out the diagram below to see it laid out clearly.

Meanwhile, the PC release of Borderlands 3 will be going live across the globe at the exact same moment, that being 12:01am British Summer Time. So just after Big Ben ticks past midnight in London, everyone around the world will be able to start taking down psycho bandits on their PC, exclusively through the Epic Games Store.

If you’re unsure if your PC will be able to run Borderlands 3, you can check out the PC specs here, or just get all the details you need on the game on the official Borderlands website. Borderlands 3 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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