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Comedy Puzzler Felix The Reaper is Launching in October

During the recent Inside Xbox conference, Microsoft and Daedalic announced that the charismatic puzzle game Felix The Reaper will be landing on PC and consoles next month.

Felix The Reaper, a comedy puzzle game about a portly agent of death who loves to dance, is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Steam on October 17th. The game was a nominee for Gamescom 2019’s “Most Original Game” award, and sells itself as a romantic comedy game about life and death.

The world of Felix The Reaper somehow strikes a balance between colourful, charming, eerie and macabre. Play through over 20 story levels, each with extra difficulty variants; then choose which songs to play on Felix’s Walkman from a wide selection of indie artists, and watch him dance through the puzzles with moves developed by professional dancers.

Felix The Reaper comes to us from developer Kong Orange, the Denmark-based studio behind the acclaimed mobile puzzle game Heartbeats – A Galactic Requiem. The team takes us behind the scenes of their upcoming game in a newly released trailer, explaining how they took their inspiration from depictions of Death across many cultures.

Felix The Reaper will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac on October 17th. The game will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate at launch. For more details you can visit the game’s official website, or check out the latest “Behind the Scenes” trailer below.

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