Does Borderlands 3 Have a Photo Mode?

Borderlands 3 gameplay 1 (1)

With Pandora and the extended world looking prettier than ever in Borderlands 3, players are going to want to photograph it. But can you?

The answer is, currently, both yes and no. A photo mode is in Borderlands 3 – or at least it is on PC. It’ll be coming to consoles next month.

It seems like the function wasn’t quite ready to go through testing in order to be available for the game’s launch on consoles. That means that Borderlands 3 players on Xbox One and PS4 are going to have to wait until October, until the game’s day-30 patch launches, in order to use photo mode.


If you’re playing on PC, however, great news! The Borderlands 3 photo mode is available right away. You can access it at any point by going to the game’s options menu, or by using the social wheel.

Borderlands 3‘s world is bigger than ever before. Pandora is just the beginning; there’s a whole universe to explore once you’re past the game’s opening hours. It’s gorgeous, too, so there’s so much to capture. Enjoy capturing the world like never before. Just make sure a skag doesn’t sneak up and bite you on the butt while you’re doing it.

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