FIA European Truck Racing Championship Isn’t Very Good on Switch

FIA European Truck Racing Championship 3 (1)

We rather liked FIA European Truck Racing Championship when we played it on Xbox One in July.

But when it comes to the Switch version of FIA European Truck Racing Championship, we suggest you give it a miss.

Content-wise, it has everything that it does on other formats; all the trucks, tracks, liveries – everything. And it has all of the same modes as well, bar one: online multiplayer. For some players that may not be much of an issue, but for those who like to race actual human opponents, it’s a biggie. There is split screen multiplayer though.

But honestly, you probably shouldn’t bother with FIA European Truck Racing Championship at all on Switch. It’s not an acceptable way to play it. Thanks to the Switch not having analogue triggers, it’s really not the best format for racing games that aren’t all-out arcade focused. You don’t have fine control of acceleration and braking, which is necessary in a game like this. You can’t even assign acceleration and braking to the right analogue stick like you can in some other racing games on the format.

What really makes the Switch version unbearable, however, is its performance. Using any cockpit view, the game chugs along like a slideshow whenever there’s more than just your truck on a track. It’s terrible. Only when you switch to a chase view does it become remotely playable outside of Time Trial mode. And to add further insult to injury, loading times are very long.

It should go without saying, then, that if you’ve been eyeing up FIA European Truck Racing Championship you shouldn’t consider the Switch version. On other formats it’s worth checking out because it offers quite a unique experience, but on Switch it’ll just leave you angry that you wasted your money. And its performance may also give you a headache.