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Five Tips for Playing FIFA 20’s Volta Mode

FIFA 20’s Volta Mode is one of the most unique additions to the Fifa series in a long time.

It requires a different type of skill set, and that can take some time to get used to. Follow these steps to ensure that you are the king of the court.

Red Card Football

There are no cards in Volta Mode. There are free kicks, but these aren’t direct shooting opportunities. So tackle as hard as you want. Go in from behind, take a player out, whatever. This will give you the advantage of not having to wait until you can tackle legally.

Sprint everywhere

As the games are shorter, and the courts make for more compact play, fatigue isn’t really a problem. Use this to your advantage and sprint everywhere. Don’t worry about your players losing energy – it will never be enough to impact the game.

Find space

If you’re playing as one player, then always run in to space and call for the ball (either by pressing the through ball option, or simple pass button). With fewer players you’ll find space opens up easily. If you’re controlling the whole team, look for players making runs and make the most of that. Wall passes can help a lot with this.

Run to the opponent with the ball

Whether you’re controlling the whole team or just one player, always run to the opponent with the ball. This will put pressure on them, and the other players will move around based on your run. The rest of the team will keep their shape, and it’s so much easier to do that trying to mark another player.

Shoot softly

You don’t need to shoot with power. The nets are much smaller and less power is required – the harder you hit it the more likely the shot will miss. Even with an opposing player trying to block the ball, hitting it harder won’t help. Shoot with less power – it helps with accuracy, and really Volta is all about finding the best angles to shoot.

If you need more practice on these then the practice sessions in FIFA 20‘s Volta Mode are brilliant. Follow our guides on defending, shooting, passing and dribbling to ensure you are fully prepared.

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