Gran Turismo Sport Spec II is Coming This Week

PlayStation have announced that the updated version of their flagship racing sim, Gran Turismo Sport Spec II, is launching on October 4th.

Gran Turismo Sport Spec II is the most up-to-date version of the popular racing game, launching this Friday exclusively on the PS4.

With the huge amount of free content updates the original Gran Turismo Sport has received since its launch two years ago, the Spec II version allows new players to get all that content (up to version 1.39) in one neat package, without having to deal with the flood of patches needed to launch the base game.

Spec II also comes with a cool-looking new cover, a bonus car pack featuring ten exclusive vehicles and 2,500,000 Credits to use as in-game currency. The original base game Gran Turismo Sport will also be dropping in price and joining the PlayStation Hits range.

Gran Turismo Spec II will be coming to the PlayStation 4 as a digital download and also as a two-disc physical release on October 4th. You can get more deatils here on the official Gran Turismo website.