Green Hell Leaves Early Access With New Story Mode

Survival sim Green Hell launches into version 1.0 with a trippy new story mode, stranding you in a psychological nightmare set deep in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest.

Set in an unimaginably hostile and unforgiving environment, Green Hell places you in a struggle for survival that will not only wear down your body but also your mind.

Following the familiar voice of a loved one through a portable radio, you may start to uncover the dark truth of how you came to be in this nightmarish situation.


After being on Steam early access for a little over a year, Green Hell has launched into a full release. The story mode is the main new addition to the game in version 1.0, following Jake in his psychedelic-infused quest to find his lost love Mia.

Green Hell is available on Steam, where you can also find a detailed log of all the new changes that have come with the 1.0 update. Check out the launch trailer below.