How to Change Your Party in GreedFall


Are you wondering how to change your party in GreedFall? Here’s what to do.

GreedFall, from Spiders (they’re not real spiders) is an action role-playing game which, despite being set in an alternate fantasy world, mirrors the conquest of America by various nations. We gave it an 8/10, calling it an “impressive debut for what could well become a classic series.”

You can have up to five companions in GreedFall, each with their own very particular set of skills.


However, you can only have two with them at any one time. You can’t change your party at any time either; instead, you need to return to your camp, your house, or your travelling camp if you need to change companions. Here’s what to do.

1. If you’re in a city, go to your residence. If you’re near a camp, go there. If you’re about to travel, you can also change companions at the travelling camp before you leave for your destination.

2. Walk up to one of the companions who isn’t following you but is standing around. If you’re at a regular camp you may first need to walk to the fire and choose ‘gather the companions’ which will make them all stand around the fire.

3. Select or deselect the companions you want, which will put a tick next to their names. You can’t leave without two companions names ticked.

And there you have it. You can’t level up your companions in GreedFall, but you can pick the ones you think are suitable for a given situation.

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