How to Customise Your Vehicle in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 (2)

One feature that Borderlands 3 has over previous games in the series is the ability to customise your vehicles with new parts. But how do you do it?

You’ll be pleased to hear that the good old Catch-a-Ride stations make a return in Borderlands 3. Yep, Ellie is on hand to provide you with access to a vehicle whenever you need it; and this time you don’t need to settle for the bog-standard set of wheels that the game provides. You can modify your ride by choosing new parts.

Customising your vehicle is pretty easy, and it’ll soon become a natural part of visiting the Catch-a-Ride station.


Interacting with the vehicle spawn point will bring up a menu where you can choose custom parts for each part of your vehicle. Simply toggle through each of those, selecting the parts you want for each one.

You’re able to change your vehicle’s body, the driver weapon, the turret weapon, armour, wheels and mod. And, just like before, you can also apply your own colours and paint jobs, too.

Unfortunately, when you start playing Borderlands 3, you’ll only have the one set of parts. You’ll find more by playing the game, though – you can hijack enemy vehicles, and drive them to a Catch-a-Ride station for any new parts to be added to your inventory. It won’t be long until you’re kitted out to make all kinds of sweet custom rides.

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