How to Defeat the Final Boss in Link’s Awakening

Boss fights are a big part of Link’s Awakening, but none of them are as formidable as the final boss. Here’s how to defeat it.

The final boss of Link’s Awakening, which you’ll come up against inside the Wind Fish’s egg, is without a doubt the most epic fight of the game. Rather than a boss with just one form, it’s one that shapeshifts, taking the form of several different bosses, all with wildly different attacks. It means that you’ll need to utilise a range of Link’s abilities in order to best most of them.

Before you start, it’s wise to make sure you have full health. It’s also handy to have a fairy in a bottle in your inventory, just in case you need it, and visiting Crazy Tracy’s health spa, just beyond the mysterious forest, is a good idea too: for a small fee, she’ll allow your health to refill should you die.


When you’re ready to go, make your way through the Wind Fish’s egg – follow our guide here if you get stuck! – and prepare to face an epic battle.

First form: The first form is a giant blob. It’ll jump in the air and crash down. Avoid where it lands, and quickly sprinkle magic powder on it. Do this four times.

Second form: The final boss’ second form is an evil wizard, reminiscent of Agahnim from A Link to the Past. He’ll attack you by throwing an energy ball. Don’t dodge it; stand in its path, and knock it back with your sword to damage him. Be careful though – once in a while, he’ll send out a cluster of four smaller balls. These can’t be reflected and will damage Link if you come into contact.

Third form: This one is similar to the boss you defeated in the Tail Cave – a big scorpion-worm-like creature whose tail you need to damage. Hit its tail several times, and it’ll get faster each time.

Fourth form: The fourth form of Link’s Awakening‘s final boss is perhaps the toughest. It’s the least obvious as to how to damage him. He’ll send flaming bats flying at Link, which you need to dodge. Following the bat attack, he’ll then throw a double-sided axe in Link’s direction, leaving it spinning for several seconds. While the axe is spinning away from him, quickly attack the boss by using a charged spin attack or dashing with the Pegasus Boots.

Fifth form: The fifth form is a worm-like creature that’ll charge at Link to damage him. Avoid its attacks, and time attacks with the boomerang, bow and arrow, or hookshot in order to damage it.

Sixth (and final) form: The last form of Link’s Awakening‘s final boss is a huge, blinking eye with two swinging arms. The eye remains in the centre of the screen while the arms will continually swing around. You’ll need to use Roc’s Feather to jump over the arms. Watch the eye closely: when it opens, use your bow and arrow to hit it. Four or five direct hits will be enough to finish it.

And that’s it: you win!