How to Design Your Own Player in FIFA 20’s Volta Mode

FIFA 20’s Volta Mode offers a range of pre-made options for your career mode.

However, if you want to design your own player and not bother with the original templates, this can be done once you’ve chosen your player.

Pick any player – the race and gender you pick doesn’t matter here. Once you’ve picked someone, you can then go to the customization section, which you’ll find on the second page, to the right of the play options.

Once you’re in the customization section of FIFA 20, you’re able to fully design your own player. You can choose what clothes your player wears, but the tabs at the top also allow you to customise their name, sex, race, and appearance.

FIFA 20’s Volta Mode offers a huge range of customisable options, and you can design your player in just the way you want in this section.