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How to Edit Players in Fifa 20 Career Mode

The Career Mode is one of the most popular modes within any FIFA game, and FIFA 20 is no different.

We all love the realism of being able to control our favourite teams and players, whether that means taking your beloved lower league side to the heights of Europe, or simply continuing the success your team already has (if you’re lucky).

But at times, we also want to change a few things in our careers. Sometimes we feel that player ratings are too low, or maybe we just want to improve a player in FIFA 20 because we like them.

Either way, this is everything you need to know about editing players in FIFA 20 Career Mode.

Firstly, on the Home Screen, go to the Customise tab. Then go down to the ‘Create Player’ option and use your right analog stick to shift it to the Edit Real Player option. Click on that and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose any player from any team. Select your nation, league and club, then you’re ready to begin.

Once you’ve selected the player you want, you’ll have the optionto change their appearance or athletic ability. Go to the athletic tab and then, on the choice under that, scroll to ‘attributes’.

From here you can then edit all the attributes you want to make a player’s rating in FIFA 20 change. Once done, save and exit.

Then, when you go to start your Career Mode, choose the customised option from the choices (instead of downloading the latest updated squads).

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