How to Fast Travel in GreedFall

Wondering how you can fast travel in GreedFall? Here’s everything you need to know.

The latest game from Spiders, GreedFall is an action-RPG that’ll see you exploring the world of Teer Fradee. An analogy of the New World, you’ll be attempting to keep the peace with native tribes, helping them out by undertaking missions and tasks for them.

And to do so requires you to travel around the game’s extensive map. Thankfully, there is a fast travel system to make that a bit easier.


Unlike The Witcher 3, GreedFall‘s map is divided into chunks that can be fast-travelled between. In order to activate fast travel, you must find an object marked with a globe (both on your map bar and on your main screen) and go up to it. You can then quickly travel to any location you’ve been to before, or to any of the main cities.

Unfortunately, you need to unlock travel points before you’re able to fast travel to them. Camps are travel points, so whenever you see a question mark on your map, hover over it and if it’s a camp, go to it and hit the action button to set it up. You can then fast travel to and from that camp at any time.

Aside from camps, you can find fast travel pillars in most native villages and you can also fast travel from your home (marked on the map) in any town. You can also fast travel from the edge of any map but if you’re looking to travel to a location you’ve not been to you’ll need to pass through the locations on the way.

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