How to Heal in Link’s Awakening

There’s a lot of stuff wanting to kill Link in Link’s Awakening. So how do you keep his hearts refilled? Here’s everything you need to know.

In a lot of Zelda games, you’ll use potions to heal Link. Either a witch will brew them up for you, or you’ll buy them from a shop. Sometimes, you can even make them yourself. Breath of the Wild had you making all kinds of yummy snacks fro Link to eat in order to heal him.

Not in Link’s Awakening. There’s not a potion to be seen. That means, for the most part, you simply need to rely on hearts that drop from defeated enemies and in jars and grass to heal Link.


There are a few other ways to refill your health, too. Once you have the Pegasus Boots (that allow you to run fast), you can run into apple trees out in the world. Knocking into them causes apples to fall to the ground. Link will automatically eat the apples as you walk by them, healing a couple of hearts.

You’ll also occasionally come across fairies. Sometimes, running into regular trees will cause a fairy to fly out, and you’ll also be rewarded with one after killing certain tough enemies. You’ll also find a small fairy should you stumble across a fairy cave. Fairies heal 10 hearts when you come into contact with them. If you happen to have a jar in your inventory, you can use it when a fairy is near. It’ll capture the fairy in a jar, ready for you to release it when you most need it.