How to Heal Mark in Children of Morta

Early on in Dead Mage’s hack ‘n’ slash RPG Children of Morta, the Bergsons’ eldest son Mark returns home and collapses on the front step, wounded and weak.

You’ll need to find him some medicine to speed up his recovery, because once he’s healed, Mark will unlock as a new playable character. He is a kind of ‘monk’ class who naruto-runs around the map and fights with quick martial arts attacks – so it would be good to get him back on his feet as quickly as possible!

In order to heal Mark from his affliction, you need to seek out a herbalist who can be found somewhere in Caeldippo Caves. Unfortunately, as the dungeons in Children of Morta are procedurally generated, there’s no fixed location that you can find the herbalist. Your only option is to thoroughly explore the entire map in each level.

So before finishing a floor or facing a boss, make sure you open your map and check there are no darkened areas left unexplored. The herbalist will likely be in a room with a glowing door across the entrance, and once you find the right room, Margaret should automatically turn up to retrieve the correct supplies. It doesn’t matter if you die after you find the herbalist, Mark will still get his medicine when you return to the Bergsons’ house.

So just remember the golden rule of exploring every corner of the map, and trust that you will eventually come across the herbalist. Before long Mark will be unlocked as a playable character, and you’ll be able to take on the corruption with his fists of fury.

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