How to Increase Your Maximum Health in Blasphemous

Blasphemous 1 (1)

One way of improving your chances of making it to the end of Blasphemous is increasing your maximum health.

You start with a small health bar in Blasphemous, but by the end of the game it can be two or three times larger if you play your cards right.

To increase your maximum health in Blasphemous you pretty much just need to explore. Quite often you’ll come across rooms with a huge naked woman in them who has numerous swords piercing through her. Talk to the woman and your maximum health will be increased.


And remember, your health can be restored in a pinch by using Bile Vessels. You start out with with just two Bile Vessels but can unlock many more. So, maximise your health and find as many Bile Vessels as you can and your chances of survival are going to go through the roof.

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