How to Install New Body Parts in Contra: Rogue Corps

Contra Rogue Corps 1 (1)

Like upgrading your weapons, changing your body parts is important if you want to conquer Contra: Rogue Corps‘ more challenging missions.

As you complete missions, you’ll find many brains, eyes, skeletons and internal organs that can be transplanted to your characters in Contra: Rogue Corps. The rarer and higher level a body part is, the more benefits it may provide you.

To install new body parts, you need to visit the Surgery Room in the Base Camp. From there you can undergo a transplant, or buy new body parts. When you’re ready to install a new body part, select the transplantation option.


On the next screen you can choose which type of body part you want to install, and then you’re free to select from the body parts you have available. Upon selecting the body part you want to install, you’ll then be given the option of three surgeons available to perform the surgery.

The first surgeon, Dr. Elder, costs nothing, and pretty much always does a perfect job. However, the body part equipped will be exactly as is. The second surgeon on the other hand, Android Type-HY7, may increase the effects of one of the body part’s bonuses, though there’s a chance it may go wrong and actually be decreased. Using Android Type-HY7 also costs a fair bit of money. Finally you have the third surgeon, Wonderfulman, who’s the most expensive. They can potentially increase the effects of all of a body part’s bonuses, but there’s also a chance that they could all be decreased.

Until you’re rich, you’re probably best off just using the free surgeon. Once you’re loaded, however, and truly want to max out your capabilities, feel free to experiment with the other surgeons. They’re costly, but they are invaluable to bringing out your best features.