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Man of Medan

How to Kill Everyone in Man of Medan and Earn the “Not a Sole Survivor” Achievement/Trophy

Wondering if there’s a way to ensure that no-one survives The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan?

Here’s how to kill ’em all and earn yourself a trophy/achievement in the process.

Man of Medan can, depending on how you play it, have quite a high bodycount. But actually getting all the characters killed takes a little more work, more so than just failing all the quick time events. Here’s what to do to ensure a 100% death toll for all the game’s characters.

1. Once you’ve completed the prologue (Joe will die no matter what you do), play the game until Alex and Julia head towards the surface and see the fishermen’s boat.

2. OPTIONAL: As Alex and Julia, make Julia head towards the surface straight away and drink a beer when she’s offered one later. So even if you mess up later on, this ensures she will die from decompression syndrome if she makes it to the end of the game.

3. Still on the Duke of Milan, keep playing until the fishermen/pirates turn up. When the chance comes to escape, open the window in time with the thunder.

4. As Conrad, escape and make sure you succeed at quick time events (including the ‘keep calm’ ones) except the last one. When the pirate raises his gun, fail this event and Conrad will get shot. Conrad is now dead. 

5. When you’re given the option let Brad (who is hiding) stay where he is, rather than worrying he’s going to drown.

6. Keep playing up until Fliss (on her own) is being escorted by Danny, one of the pirates. As Fliss, when you come across a hat on a pile of junk (Danny mistakes it for a person), take the hat and look at it.

7. Still as Fliss, watch Danny run off screaming, then enter the cargo hold and take the knife from the left hand area of the hold.

8. Keep playing until Fliss reaches the ritual room. Stay there, doing nothing, for about five minutes. There’ll be a cut-scene and a hooded figure will approach Fliss.

9. Stab the figure with the knife which, unbeknownst to Fliss, is actually Brad. Brad is now dead. 

10. Keep playing until you reach the ship’s bridge. As Alex, pick up the ship’s log and read it. With the information on the hat, you now know the ship is called the Ourang Medan.

11. Still as Alex, find the radio (follow the hiss) and tune it to the military channel. Choose the option “Instructive” then tell the operator the name of the ship.

12. With Brad dead, Alex will choose to go down the hole. Julia will offer to come but Fliss will go instead. Keep playing until Olson (the pirate captain) chases you and you and Fliss come face to face with Junior.

13. As Alex, tell him (twice) that you didn’t see any mist and you don’t believe him. He’ll panic and shoot Fliss in the head before killing himself. Fliss is now dead. 

14. You’re now in control of Julia. Keep playing until you confront Olson in the hold and (no matter what you say) he will flood the hold.

15. It doesn’t matter when Alex flips the switch to lower the door but, as Julia, fail every quick time event. The door will drop on Julia, cutting her in half and destroying the distributor cap. Julia is now dead.  

16. With the distributor cap broken, there’s no way off the ship. Alex will sit forlornly on the ship and the credits will roll. But you’re not done yet.

17. After the credits, watch the military turn up. But they’re not here to save Brad – instead, they shoot him to protect the ship’s secret. Alex is now dead. 

Congratulations, you’ve killed everyone, and the “Not a sole survivor” achievement is yours. There are other ways to accomplish this – just telling the military the ship’s name and losing the distributor cap ends with soldiers gunning down all survivors. But this method is more dramatic by far.

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