How to Level Up in GreedFall


Are you wondering how to level up in GreedFall? Read on.

As an RPG, improving your character in GreedFall is the key to being successful. You’ll need to become stronger and hardier in order to survive in new and tougher areas of the game. The main way of doing this is by levelling up.

Your level in GreedFall is raised automatically when you get enough experience points (look at the bar in the top right of your screen). But simply levelling up doesn’t have any real effect on your stats.


Each time you level up, you’ll also earn new skill points, and those points need to be spent on developing your character. It’s in spending these skill points that you’ll gradually see your GreedFall character getting stronger.

Along with getting skill points each time you level up in GreedFall, you’re also sometimes will given points to boost your talents and attributes. You’ll get less of the latter two so use them sparingly. When you do get given these points, go to the character development section of your character sheet and scroll through the three tabs to see each section. You can then apply the points to the appropriate section.

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