How to Perform an Execution in Blasphemous

Blasphemous 2 (1)

Blasphemous is a gory game. It’s rare that you kill an enemy without them turning into a mush of some kind.

The most brutal kills, however, are executions.

There isn’t much point to performing executions in Blasphemous, really. In fact, their long animations leave you wide open for attack. But when given the opportunity you’ll want to perform them, because they look great.


To perform an execution in Blasphemous, you need to stun an enemy. That means hitting them until they’re left in a dazed state. You’ll know when it happens because the enemy will flash. Honestly though, it doesn’t occur all that often.

When an enemy is stunned, approach them and press the required button to perform an execution. On Xbox One it’s the Y button, on PS4 it’s Triangle, and on Switch it’s X. Then, sit back and enjoy the gory display.

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