How to Quickly Level Up Your Player in FIFA 20’s Volta Mode

When starting out in FIFA 20‘s new Volta Mode, your player will have quite low ratings.

But through the game you’ll have the ability to improve upon these and to become a world star. Here are some of the steps to follow to level up in the quickest way possible.

Complete the skill sessions

Whether dribbling, passing, shooting or defending, each skill is so important in FIFA 20 Volta. With smaller pitches and more one on ones the pressure really ramps up. Complete each training session for each tournament and you’ll improve your attributes in that area.


Spend your attribute points wisely

There’s no point in picking skills you don’t use in the skill tree. It can be tempting to spend that one skill point you have, but wait if there’s nothing good to spend it on. The better skills cost more, and saving your skill points for something you will really use is always going to help.

Play well

It seems obvious, but ensure you are getting in the high 8 or 9 ratings after each match. If you’re not think about lowering the difficulty. Remember, it’s not all about scoring: good passes and tackles matter a lot too. Assists can also be just as important as goals, so play as a team player.