How to Restore Your Health in River City Girls

River City Girls 2 (1)

While playing River City Girls, it’s quite likely that you’ll be on the receiving end of a pummelling from time to time.

In most beat ’em ups it’s not usually too much of an issue, but as you lose a decent amount of your money when dying in River City Girls, you’ll probably want to heal yourself when your health gets low.

There are three ways to restore your health in River City Girls. The first is by walking over food items sometimes dropped by enemies. They range from apples to turkeys, and restore varying amounts of health. They drop entirely at random though, so you can’t depend on them in a bind.


The second way to restore your health is to use items from your inventory. As you play through River City Girls you can visit many shops that sell a wide range of consumable items. When buying them, you can either use them on the spot or add them to your inventory to use later. To use items in your inventory, simply bring up the game’s menu, press the left and right shoulder buttons to navigate to the screen that has your character level, stats and inventory, then select an item to use. You unlock more inventory space as you level up, and it’s a good idea to always carry some healing items.

The final way to heal yourself is to level up. Every time you level up in River City Girls your health is completely restored, so if you could do with some healing but are very close to levelling up try to hang on. Simply play a little more defensively to wipe out some opponents and you could save yourself a decent bit of money.