How to Save the Wolf Cub in Children of Morta

In an early level of Dead Mage’s hack ‘n’ slash RPG Children of Morta, you may come across a wounded and recently orphaned wolf cub under attack by monsters.

After you fight off the corrupted beasts, Margaret transports the wolf back to the Bergsons’ House – where it will remain, resting but injured until you find the medicine it needs.

In order to heal the poor cub’s wounds you need to gather three different types of mushroom from Caeldippo Caves. Unfortunately, as the dungeons in Children of Morta are procedurally generated, there’s no fixed location that you can find the fungi. Your only option is to thoroughly explore the entire map in each level until you come across the items you need.

So before finishing a floor or facing a boss, make sure you open your map and check there are no darkened areas left. The mushrooms will usually be in a room with a glowing door across the entrance, and it may be guarded by some enemies. It doesn’t matter if you die after picking up a mushroom, you will still keep the item when you return to the Bergsons’ home.

Once you’ve collected all the items you need, a cutscene will automatically trigger on returning to the house, showing the cub being treated. The next step is finding wood and nails to build him a house! You can find these using the same tactic as the mushrooms.

Just remember the golden rule of exploring every corner of the map, and you’ll have the little wolfie running about in no time.

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