How to Save Your Game in Children of Morta

Wondering how you can save your progress in Dead Mage’s roguelike RPG Children of Morta? We’ve got you covered.

Just like any game with roguelike influences, Children of Morta can be quite challenging. Having said that, it’s not quite as hardcore as some other roguelikes; most notably, you don’t lose any of your gold or XP when you die

You do still need to be careful when you want to quit, though. You want to make sure your progress is saved and you’re not going to find you’ve lost anything when you next load up the game.


There is no way to manually save your game in Children of Morta. Instead the game relies on an autosave feature. Being a roguelike, there are no mid-level checkpoints, so it only autosaves at the Bergsons’ house.

It’ll save when you first return from a dungeon, when you purchase any upgrades, when you adjust the game options or any other time you see the autosave icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

If you are in the middle of a level, unfortunately there is no way to save the game and carry on from exactly where you were. The only way to carry over the gold and XP you’ve accumulated in that dungeon is to return to the game hub.

One way to get home is letting your character die, but thankfully there is an easier way than sacrificing yourself in a demon dogpile. Simply open the pause menu and select the ‘Return Home’ option. This will return you to the Bergsons’ house, saving all your gold and collected items. However, you’ll sadly have to start that level again from the beginning.

Do not choose the ‘Exit to Desktop’ option unless you are already at the game hub! You’ll still have to start the level from the beginning, but you won’t have saved any of the progress from your last attempt. Returning home before quitting is always the safest option.

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