How to Search For the Best Young Players in FIFA 20’s Career Mode

FIFA 20 doesn’t make it easy to find the best talent out there.

In fact, unless you know your way around the Transfer Centre then your Career Mode players in FIFA 20 will lack a lot of variety. But this is the best way to search for the best young players across the whole world.

Firstly, in your Career Mode, go to the scouting option by the Transfer Centre.

From there, you can recall every scout you currently have: press triangle on PlayStation 4 or Y on Xbox One and choose the ‘recall’ option.

Next, you can decide where to place your scouts – although remember that it takes a few days for the scouts to return. You want to place your scouts in the best possible locations, so you’ll want to choose the best leagues in the world for young talent.

You have six options at first, and we recommend the following leagues:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Championship
  • Ligue 1

Once each scout has been put in a location, go to the page where the criteria is shown. Edit each of these choose Promising.

Then, check back on the Transfer Centre each week and you can choose which players to scout further. Find a great player, shortlist them, and then put a bid in.