How to Sleep and Advance Time in GreedFall


Bored waiting around for nightfall in GreedFall? Here’s what to do.

GreedFall, from Spiders (they’re not real spiders) is an action role-playing game which, despite being set in an alternate fantasy world, mirrors the conquest of America by various nations. We gave it an 8/10, calling it an “impressive debut for what could well become a classic series.”

Unlike Skyrim and several other RPGs, you can’t just advance time at a whim, jumping forward while your character twiddles their thumbs.


In Greedfall, if you want to sleep, you need to be at a certain location. You can be at a camp; at your house in one of the three cities; or at the camp you go to before you travel to a new location. When you’re there, select the sleeping roll/mat (your houses have one of these even though you think you’d use the bed).

You’ll then be asked how long you want to wait for: until nightfall, the next day and so forth. There are some events in GreedFall that require you to wait and while you can’t do these events early, there’s no penalty for overshooting. So if, for example, an event starts in 11 hours, you can’t be early but you can wait longer and not miss out.

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