How to Succeed in FIFA 20’s Volta Defending Practice

Fifa 20

Defending has never been a more unique skill in a FIFA game than in FIFA 20’s Volta Mode.

One on one situations happen way more often, and even the practice sessions are tough. But, follow the steps below and you’ll be blocking all the opponent’s shots in no time!

Stay Behind the Red Line

In the early training session, you have a red line to stay behind. The idea is that if you run right up to the player they’ll easily get past you.


Stay behind the red line, or in the later sessions, keep back and don’t rush in. It closes the angle down for the attacker and puts the pressure on them.

Stay in the Triangle

In the earlier practice modes the triangle closes fairly quickly, and you have to stay within this area. Leaving it will result in the attacking player having more room to shoot on. In the later sessions, keep this tactic in mind to ensure that you’ve closed the angle down.