How to Succeed in FIFA 20’s Volta Shooting Practice

Fifa 20

Within FIFA 20’s Volta Mode, shooting has never been so different and so challenging.

Due to the smaller goals and the higher amount of one on one situations, practice in this area is so important. So, follow these steps and you’ll be a hattrick hero in FIFA 20‘s Volta mode in no time at all!

Sprint to the Ball

When on the ball you should never sprint, but without the ball you should always sprint towards it. Doing so will allow you to use your time in a more efficient way to smash in those shots.


Use the Skill Trigger

If you’ve followed the first step and sprinted to the ball, ensure you pull the right analogue stick towards you. Otherwise your player will continue running in the wrong direction, and there will be a real lack of control. Using the skill trigger allows for you to be facing the direction you need in a quicker manner.

Work your Angles

Always avoid the obstacles by dribbling to the side of them. Doing so means they aren’t in the way and won’t block the goal (and hitting them takes points off your total). Don’t try to curve your shot around them- honestly, it’s just not worth the risk.