How to Switch Weapons in GreedFall (And Why You Should)


Want to know how and why to switch weapons in GreedFall? Read on.

GreedFall is a new colonial-era RPG from Spiders and, once we got over the fact it wasn’t made by a team of actual spiders crawling from key to key, we’ve been having a whale of a time with it. But if you’re new to the game you might be stuck figuring out how to swap weapons or why to bother. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

To switch weapons in GreedFall, hit the right top bumper button/trigger on your controller. If you’re playing with keyboard and mouse, hit the “Switch fighting styles” key (‘V’ by default). Hey presto, you’ll change weapons. But why should you do this?


Why should you switch weapons in GreedFall?

Many of GreedFall‘s enemies are armoured. That means when you hit them, their armour is absorbing most of the damage. As you wear their armour down, the little blue shields next to their health bar slowly empty. Once they’re empty, they won’t refill until the fight’s over.

Each weapon has an armour damage rating, different to the general damage rating. GreedFall starts you off with a sword that does plenty of physical damage but only a little armour damage. The axe the game starts you off with does less physical damage but does more armour damage. So, at the beginning of the game you should be hitting armoured enemies with the axe to wear down their armour and then switching to the sword when their armour’s gone.

Likewise, as you progress through GreedFall, you should look to have a weapon in your left hand that does a lot of physical damage and has a high damage rating, but keep one in your right hand that does armour damage. There are some weapons that do well in both categories, but you’ll get better results with one of each. You should be switching to an armour-damaging weapon to get rid of an enemy’s shield and then switching to your other physically damaging weapon. This is particularly useful against bosses.

And there you go. You’ll still have to deal with the crushing knowledge that you’re stealing the land from right under the island’s inhabitants – but at least you now know how and why to switch weapons.

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