How to Unlock More Rosary Bead Slots in Blasphemous

Blasphemous 4 (1)

As you’re making your way through Blasphemous, you’re going to want to unlock additional Rosary Bead slots.

Each Rosary Bead slot in Blasphemous allows you to equip a Rosary Bead, and each one has some kind of benefit. Some increase your defence, for example, or allow you to gain Tears of Atonement by destroying items. So basically, the more Rosary Beads slots you have, the stronger you are.

When you start Blasphemous you have only two Rosary Bead slots, but many more can be unlocked. To unlock an additional slot, you first need to find a Knot of Rosary Rope. They can be found as you explore the game’s map, often in areas that are harder to reach. You can also sometimes get them for completing side quests, and the vendor might even sell one to you.


Once you have a Knot of Rosary Rope, you need to visit a certain NPC that looks like a ghostly lady resting on a hammock made of netting. Once you’ve found her, her location will be marked on your map with a knot. Talk to the ghostly lady and she’ll turn your Knot of Rosary Rope into a Rosary Bead slot. Try to find every single Knot of Rosary Rope available to maximise your capabilities.

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