How to Unlock New Moves in River City Girls

River City Girls 1 (1)

When you first start playing River City Girls, your attack options are severely limited.

You have access to a basic combo, a single strong attack and little else, making combat rather repetitive. By levelling up and amassing money, however, you can acquire new moves that make combat much more interesting.

You earn experience and money pretty much every time you defeat an enemy. We say pretty much because sometimes you’ll notice that you get zero experience for beating enemies in certain locations after a while. Simply move to a new area, and you’ll start earning experience again.


Many new moves are unlocked simply by levelling up, and you can see what they are and how you perform them by bringing up River City Girls‘ menu and pressing the left and right shoulder buttons to move over to the ‘Moves’ page. Most of the game’s available moves need to be purchased, however.

To buy new moves, you need to visit the Dojo located in Crosstown. If you take the bus to Crosstown simply run left, move to the next screen, and you’re pretty much there. New moves cost between tens to hundreds of dollars, so don’t go expecting to unlock them all at once. You can’t, anyway, as more moves become available for purchase as you level up.

Unlock all of the available moves for each character in River City Girls and you’ll find yourself having much more fun with the game.