How to Upgrade Jack in Gears 5

In Gears 5, your trusty drone Jack is more useful than ever.

It’s no longer just there to rip open doors when you need it to. You can command it to fetch you weapons, activate panels, and even assist you in combat.

To get the most out of Jack in Gears 5, however, you’re going to need to upgrade it.

As you play through Gears 5, you’ll unlock new Assault and Support abilities for Jack, and one of each type can be equipped at any one time. Simply open up the Jack menu with the View button (the one that has the symbol that looks like a window laid on top of another), and you can choose one Assault and one Support ability from those you have available.

Every ability Jack has in Gears 5 can be upgraded, too, and there are also Passive abilities to unlock across four groups: Health, Stealth, Zapper and Core.

To upgrade Jack’s skills and unlock new passive abilities, you need Components, which can be found throughout Gears 5. Pause the game and you can see how many are available in the current Act that you’re in.

Once you have some Components, open up the Jack menu and you can see how many are required to upgrade an ability or passive by highlighting it. When you’ve decided which ability or passive you want to upgrade, press the X button on it, then press and hold A on the upgrade. If you have enough components, the upgrade will be carried out.

It’s a good idea to plan your upgrades. Take a look at everything that’s available and unlock the things that might be more useful to you first. Enabling Jack to bring you heavy weapons from a distance is very handy, for example.