How to Use the Chainsaw in Gears 5

Gears 5 3 (1)

While the core gameplay of the Gears of War series hasn’t changed that much in Gears 5, the button to use the chainsaw has.

The chainsaw is one of the most gratifying weapons to use in Gears 5. Rev it up, make contact with an enemy, and you’ll rend them in two.

To use the chainsaw in Gears 5 you need to have the Lancer equipped same as always, but instead of pressing and holding the B button, you need to press and hold the right shoulder button instead.


The button change has its benefits. It means that when you have the chainsaw raised and ready to cut you’re more manoeuvrable; you no longer have to take your thumb off the right analogue stick. It also enables the B button to be used for a more general melee attack, useful for taking down smaller enemies.

One thing to remember, though: when you have the chainsaw raised in Gears 5, taking fire will make you lower it again and leave you vulnerable for a short while. So, only attempt to use the chainsaw when the situation calls for it.