How to Use Your Gun in GreedFall


Are you playing GreedFall but aren’t sure how to use your gun? Here’s everything you need to know.

This colonialist-style RPG from Spiders has you attempting to keep the peace with an island’s natives while also serving the (sometimes suspect) demands of your own country.

GreedFall throws all manner of foes against you; not only the understandably aggrieved natives whose land you’ve pinched but all manner of half-tree, half-human creatures that would give H.P. Lovecraft nightmares.


Here’s how to use a gun in GreedFall to stop your team getting an oversized spear through the neck.

First, go to your character’s inventory and put a gun in the firearm slot. Some guns can only be used if you have the necessary skills and the game will warn you of this so pay attention.

If you’re playing on PC using a keyboard and mouse, the firearm will be auto-assigned a number button, which will be shown on-screen. Press this button in combat and you’ll fire off a shot, provide you have enough ammunition.

However, there’s an extra step if you’re on a console. Pause the game (in or out of combat) and select your firearms skill from the bottom of the screen. Then, assign it a shortcut, such as left on the D-Pad.

Then, press this shortcut in combat and the weapon will fire.

You’re never responsible for directly aiming your weapon, just hitting that shortcut key or button is enough. But you may well run out of ammunition so don’t expect to get away with just using your gun.

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