How to Wall Pass in FIFA 20’s Volta Mode

Few tricks look quite as awesome as a well placed wall pass.

FIFA 20’s Volta Mode allows for wall passes to look spectacular, but they can be tough to use. Here are some key tips to help you get an assist of the wall.

Only use it when needed

This isn’t Fifa Street and the ball won’t just magically land at the feet of your intended target after a wall pass. The best time to use a wall pass is when your space is limited. It’s great for clearances if you’re facing away from where you want to go. It can also be good for through balls is one of your players has made a run in to space, but you have opponents around you.


Hit the ball harder than usual

The wall always seems to absorb some of the power of the pass, no matter what. So think about how much power you would usually use to get the ball to where you want, and add at least another third of that on to your power, otherwise the ball won’t make its target.

Only use with when your intended target is in space

Wall passing can often lead to losing possession as it makes it easier for the opponent to intercept the ball. To avoid this ensure that you’re passing to someone in space. Remember that you can also use the lob pass off the wall, and this can work really well with a player running down the opposite wing.