Link’s Awakening: How to Solve The Wind Fish Egg Puzzle

The very last place you’ll go before completing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is the Wind Fish’s egg.

But unlike a normal dungeon, you can’t just wander around and figure out where to go. You see, the Wind Fish’s egg is a labyrinth; unless you know exactly which way to turn, you’ll constantly find yourself back at the same crossroads.

Thankfully, the answers you need can be find in the game. In Mabe Village, there’s a library with a selection of books laid out. The book on the bottom-right side of the screen, the one with a darker cover to the rest, has the answers you need; it’ll tell you a sequence of directions to take in order to get through the Wind Fish egg maze. However, you can’t read the book unless you have the magnifying glass.


Getting the magnifying glass is quite a slog: it requires you to follow through the Link’s Awakening trading sequence to the end. Starting with the Yoshi Doll you win from the Trendy Game shop in Mabe Village, you’ll continue trading items with Koholint Island residents, getting some useful items along the way. You can see a guide on the full process here – you’ll need to have the magnifying glass before you can enter the Wind Fish egg.

When you do have the magnifying glass in your inventory, enter Mabe Village library and read the book on the bottom-right. It’ll show you a sequence of arrows: these represent the directions you need to take in the Wind Fish egg.

It’s likely different for every new game, but our solution was:

left, left, up, right, right, right, up, up.

There’s no notification that you’ve made a correct turn each time, but if you’ve followed it through correctly, you’ll be met with a swirling vortex to jump into. If you make a mistake, simply go down a screen, which will take you back to the start, and try again.

All that’s left is for you to fight Link’s Awakening’s final boss, and then your journey is over. Good luck!